If you want to join us

We offer a PhD position within the Marie-Curie Training Network on Laser Fabrication and Ion Implantation of Defects as Quantum Emiters (LasIonDef). This is a theoretical sub-project focused on quantum optics of NV centers and other atomic-like quantun emitters in solid state systems. Please check the particular Recruitment rules and contact me if you are interested.

We are open to PhD candidates interested in quantum optics, nanophotonics and excitation kinetics in solid state systems within the normal recruitment rules of the Doctoral School. Our doctoral school is tuition-free and offers scholarhips to all the participants. Please contact me for details.

Taking advantage of the funding schemes offered by the Polish National Centre for Science (NCN), our Department has an open call for post-docs interested in a range of topics in theoretical physics, including light-matter interactions and quantum optics, who would write a Sonata Bis proposal with us and, if successful, carry out a 5-year period of research in Wrocław with tenure perspective. Eligible are young researchers at the group-building stage of their careers (5-12 years after PhD). If interested, please contact me by the end of April for details and further guidance.